Site Tours: Thursday, 27 July 2017


Gareth Rydon, Head of Operations - Design and Innovation, AMP

AMP is an Australian market leader in innovation, HCD and next generation workplace experience. It has linked the spaces teams work in, people capability and project/program governance to embed a design led approach to how the whole enterprise does change. Their innovation lab helps employees visualise and work through ideas, problems and solutions. Their open design to workplace experience enables radical transparency, cross business unit collaboration, and the cross-pollination of ideas.

Site Tour:
  • Building and running a collaborative workspace
  • Innovation Lab: What it looks like, how they work, how to set it up
  • The ‘How To’: How do you put a collaborative environment together? How do you get senior executive support and employee buy-in? How do you get people to start and continue using it?
  • Setting out what you want to achieve: how will this enable a different way of working?
  • Decreasing the risk of your projects: embed a mindset of small leaps of logic rather than large leaps of faith
  • How to enable efficiency and improve KPIs through your environment


This interactive workshop will take place within AMP’s Innovation Lab. Human Centred Design (HCD) goes a lot further than just understanding your market and personalizing the experience for your customer. It can significantly improve and alter your systems and processes internally to be able to deliver your end goal of customer-centricity. Running through your specific situation/challenges and any that have arisen from the main conference, this workshop will give you a first key step to understanding, designing and embedding HCD in your organisation.

  • Setting the vision/strategy
  • Understanding and embedding the three Es of design: Empathy, experimentation, evaluation
  • Developing the building blocks: capability, workplace experience and governance
  • Learn and apply a key HCD method to help you design and clarify what problem you are solving



Gareth Rydon

Head of Operations - Design and Innovation


Transport for NSW has redesigned its operating model to focus business more purposefully and deliver a customer-centric product and service. It is leveraging OPEX to move up the maturity curve in terms of process optimisation and integrating Robotic Process Automation into its strategy and operations. They are positioning their back office to have a seat in the boardroom and embedding collective strategy discussions to ensure its not a one way communication from customer to provider.

  • Human Centred Design: what are the key services the collective customer base want
  • Digital enablement group: Focusing on the core activities to keep core service running
  • Business enablement: communication strategy to business enablement team
  • Increasing high performance through culture, environment and tools
  • Jumping off major technology implementations that are helping to better organise operations: SAP and self service capability ‘service now’



Daniel Bennett

Principal Manager, Strategic Improvement
Transport NSW