Agility, Transformation and Customer Centricity:

Re-Engineer OPEX Strategy for World-Class Business Capability

As Operational Excellence enters a paradigm shift, organisations find themselves needing to make more significant strategically aligned transformations. This ensures not only bottom line impacts through processes efficiency, but top line growth as process improvement becomes more customer centric.

With this in mind, the 15th Annual Operational Excellence Summit (OPEX 2019) will explore brand new case studies and applications of process excellence with a focus on not just end-to-end process efficiency, but an understanding of how culture and transformation through technology play an integral role in achieving OPEX strategy and customer focus.

Topics being discussed include:

  • Empowering people and building capability to increase workforce output
  • Enhancing end-to-end process efficiency to achieve maximum top line growth
  • Enhancing business transformation through tech applications
  • Determine best practice to improving and implementing process changes
  • Reinvent your customer experience and foster loyalty through operational excellence
  • Link processes and operations to company strategy and values, to deliver holistic and sustainable enterprise-wide transformation

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What’s new for 2019?

90% brand new speakers

Brand new case studies on continuous improvement models and approaches by Cochlear and General Electric

25 new speaker companies

8 case studies on end-to-end process efficiency, including how to achieve it, best practice and lessons learned

2 immersive site tours

7 case studies on transformation with the aid of tech and aligning process improvements and technical enhancement

3 prestigious international OpEx experts

4 case studies dedicated to culture and change and sustainably transforming a business with specific approaches and outcomes

1 motivational/inspirational speaker

A workshop specifically on transforming the traditional operating model to an agile model for world class business capability by ANZ

Dedicated PEX process excellence stream focused purely on Lean/Six Sigma

A look into how ING changes their processes for Operational Excellence, drawing on inspiration from international leaders

A focus on agile, process design methodologies, leadership, and robotics

3 major topic areas and streams - culture, processes and transformation

Revamped and reinvigorated Awards Night and Cocktail Evening

Renewed focus on connecting your capability to improve operational processes and delight customers, plus technical strategy for the future of OPEX

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